Amid a collection of siblings, chickens and domestic pets I grew up on the Isle of Wight and experienced the vigour of country life! Diagnosed at the age of six with severe dyslexia, a love of painting and drawing proved itself to be (as well as a passion) a distraction and a way out from the conformity of school life.  

After graduating from a Fine Art BA Honours degree I juggle with being a builder's labourer and an exbiting artist, showing along side works by Damion Hirst, Mark Rydan and Gary Basman. From cities as far apart as New York to Shanghai.

I later wished to expand on the drawing aspects of my practice, enrolling on an Illustration MA at Kingston University and I now very much enjoy illustrating my life away.




New York Arts Magazine:

"Carl P.S. Hoare's work has dark undertones of Marion Peck and Mark Ryden,
two amazing lowbrow pioneers.”



Respected photographer Paul Postle who played a prominent 

part in creating the iconography of 90’s Indie band Blur states:

''Carl's work is a poignant reminder that our life is driven by events.  Emotions
can divert us down to the dank, dark parts of town.  With Carl's hand we are
introduced to a society of characters with secrets and stories that might give
us sleepless nights. But we can't help but stare."



Arts Fair International:

“Hoare's work depicts all the energy and spectacle of portraiture while

presenting a dark sarcastic world that is personal as well as impersonal.”



Sketch Magazine:

''Truly impressive, complex modern art.''