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I am a practicing artist and illustrator that has been lucky enough to have won major art awards and to have had work highly commended. I was a winner of the Churchill Design Award which was presented to me in The War Rooms by the then Mayor of London and the now Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson.


Within my work I focus on the power of the line, I enjoy turning my hand from the cartoon to the semi realistic and keeping a variety of styles within the illustrations whilst still having an identity. I like seeing how far I can push this eclectic approach whilst still having a sense of harmony, so the end result is almost a collage of line.


I am interested in early 20th century vintage posters and packaging as well as low brow and outsider art. I try to reflect my passions and interests in the work whilst keeping it accessible to the viewer. I draw in ink on paper then edit the work digitally by adding new dimensions and depth.


I am currently writing a graphic novel and working on painting projects in my London studio, and I am always on the lookout for exciting new projects to get my teeth into.

Phillips angela_MG_5556.jpg
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